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This law firm has represented clients in hundreds of Americans with Disabilities Act lawsuits, from small shops to large national chains (and every size of business in between). We have the vast experience, strength, and skill needed to end ADA lawsuits quickly and efficiently. These cases can be a nuisance, and often cause unnecessary aggravation and expense. If your business is served with an ADA lawsuit, we will be happy to review the complaint, discuss your options, and guide you toward the fastest and cheapest possible resolution of the case.

ADA Lawsuits are Growing Exponentially

We can help to protect your business, property, and financial interests.

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If your business has been sued for violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), you are not alone. ADA lawsuits have been growing exponentially each year, largely driven by "tester" or "drive-by" lawsuits filed by individuals who were never even customers of the business sued. We have vast experience defending business and property owners against ADA lawsuit, and we are dedicated to ending these cases as quickly and efficiently as possible, while also protecting our clients from the possibility of future lawsuits.

We Are Focused on Defending Our Clients Against ADA Cases

This law firm has represented clients in hundreds of Americans with Disabilities Act lawsuits.

Nolan Klein has taught four classes for other lawyers on how to effectively defend clients in ADA cases.

Nolan klein has been interviewed as a legal expert on 60 Minutes, Fox News, CNN, CNBC, and others.

We have been named to “The Nation’s Top One Percent” by the National Association of Distinguished Counsel.

This law firm is rated a perfect "10.0 Superb" by the Avvo attorney ranking website.

Even if you have not been sued, we can help you to avoid the possibility of future ADA lawsuits.

In addition to aggressively defending and resolving ADA lawsuits, we also assist business and property owners with understanding their rights and obligations under the ADA. There are certain “red flags” that will provoke ADA lawsuits. We are pleased to work with proactive business and property owners to identify and eliminate these “red flags” and to otherwise create ADA compliance, in order to avoid ADA lawsuits before they are ever filed.

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  • “When I choose an attorney, I want a tiger in my court. Nolan Klein is that tiger.”

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